Overalls are great part of the American history. They were around during our ancestors’ time and now have evolved into something that even our generation still wears.

Overalls are garments that customarily feature both a pair of pants and a bib type of area that covers the stomach and the chest. In most cases, they include a buckle and a button closing attached to a strap that goes over both the left and right shoulders. Most overalls feature pockets, including a bib pocket at the chest and one at the side of each of the legs.

The very first overalls, frequently known as slops, were created in the 1700s. They were mainly worn by the working man and were considered a symbol of the lower class. The old overalls were not made of denim, but instead were made of a tough cloth. They were built for durability not for comfort and they weren’t even fitted well, unlike modern day overalls.

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