Native American Clothing:

Native Americans are a huge part of our (the American) history. They clothes they wore are super intricate and Eco-friendly. Most Indian women wore leggings or skirts with tops, or dresses, varying in design, material, and length from tribe to tribe. Moccasins were worn by all Native Americans in some form or another. In the winter time they wore cloaks, leather and fur clothes, parkas (long hooded jackets made from animal skin), and mukluks (large boots). From tribe to tribe, headgear and ceremonial clothing varied the most. Native American’s ceremonial clothing usually included elaborate bead and Wampum (a type of shell) work and feathered headdresses. There were many different bead-work patterns that symbolized different tribes. Women were the main seamstress of the tribes. They prepared the animal skin and cloth that would be used to manufacture the clothing. Native Americans took clothe making seriously because they decorations and objects that adorned the clothing symbolized status, power, and occupations. They were also very resourceful with all the materials that were available to them; they never let anything go to waste. Eagle feathers, porcupine quills, and deer skin are just some of the things Native Americans used to make clothing. Whether it was leather for moccasins, fur, or quills and shells, the animals that gave their lives for the natives use were thought to be treated with respect, dignity, and care.


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One thought on “Native American Clothing:

  1. Awesome post. I always loved learning about Native Americans throughout Middle/Highschool and it’s amazing what they are able to create with the materials they had on hand. It really shows the ingenuity and creativity of those that came before us. Hell, even things like Moccasins are still worn today, somethings stick around forever.

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