Chinese Clothing

Traditional Chinese clothing is broadly referred to as Hanfu.

Pien-fu Clothing
Pien-fu is a traditional two piece Chinese outfit that consists of a tunic and a skirt or pair of pants. This costume was mainly worn at ceremonial events by both men and women. The tunic was knee length and was worn on top of a skirt, which was ankle length, for women, or pants, for men. The Pien was a cylinder shaped hat that was typically worn to accessorize the outfit.

Chang-pao Clothing

The Changshan literally means “long shirt.”  It is the male equivalent of the women’s Cheongsam. It is a long robe (one-piece garment with as shoulders to heel length.

Shen-i Clothing

The Shen-i garment is a combination of the Pien-fu and the Chang-pao. The Shen-i has a tunic and a skirt or pants, just like the Pien-fu, but the tunic and the skirt or pants are sewn together to become a one piece garment, like the Chang-pao. The Shen-i style is the most common style worn in China.

In today’s society, these styles is made to look like modern dresses from women.


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