Muslim/Islamic Clothing

Most Muslims wear what the wear because it is in their holy text as stated “O Children of Adam! We have sent down upon you a dress which may conceal your shameful parts and sent down feathers (or splendid garments) and the dress of piety (Taqwa) that is the best of all.” (Surah A’araf, Verse 26). Here are some of the requirements that must be met by Muslims:

  1. Women – Must cover their bodies, especially their chest, the only thing visible should be their hands and their faces. This is where the Hijab comes into play. A hijab is a head covering worn by some Muslim women in public. Men – Must cover up their bodies at least between the navel and knee.
  2. Both sexes must wear clothes that are loose to hide their curves.
  3. Both sexes must wear clothes that are thick enough to hide the color of their skin and the shape of their body underneath.
  4. The overall appearance should show modesty and dignity.
  5. Women can’t dress like men and vice versa, both sexes should be proud of who they are and the femininity or masculinity.  Men are not allowed to wear gold or silk because they are considered feminine accessories.
  6. Muslims believe clothing is meant to cover private areas and be a beautification. Muslims’ clothing must be neat and clean, it can’t be too fancy or ragged. Clothing should not be worn in order to gain admiration or sympathy.

Boy and girls are expected to and began to follow and live and by these requirements when they hit puberty.

2 thoughts on “Muslim/Islamic Clothing

  1. Hello, this is was a interesting cultural post. What would females and males wear during marriage or special occasions?

    I like how your blog is very informative on traditional and cultural clothing! I look forward to reading more.

    • From what I have heard and going off of others experiences, females and males usually ware modern or traditional clothing under their covered up clothings/hijabs and when the men and women separate during the wedding the take off their covered clothing/ hijabs and they are allowed to modern semi-revealing clothing.

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